[Bug] "open folder as vault" not working with local sync app

Steps to reproduce

  • setup mobile device with android 11 (here: fairphone 4)
  • install and setup ownCloud sync app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.owncloud.android) -this is just an example-
  • sync the obsidian vault from a desktop device with the android device through the desktop sync app
  • install obsidian for android (1.4.1)
  • android permissions: allow access to all files for obsidian app

Expected result

“open folder as vault”: is is not possible to select the folder which was synced by the sync app. I assume that Obsidian on Android does not use the “Storage access framework” (Open files using storage access framework  |  Android Developers) or has some bugs using it … ?

If you can place vault directory under /Documents on android good. All apps should be able to share that location. Otherwise, it’s not possible.