[Bug] [only iOS] When opening command palette the first item appears selected, but cannot be triggered via the return key


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3

To reproduce:

  1. Load the palette using the icon in the ribbon, or pull down Quick Action
  2. When the palette appears, the first item appears already selected
  3. The item does not respond to the return key on the on-screen keyboard

In order for the return key to function you must first type text or use the arrows. It would be much faster to be able to tap return to access the first command in the command palette.

I can’t repro.

Here’s a video of the bug. You’ll notice that when I press return the “Use light mode” action does not trigger. I have to tap it to trigger it.
Dropbox - Video Jul 26, 16 58 32.mov - Simplify your life

Note that the bug occurs when using the on-screen keyboard. The bug does not seem to occur when using a hardware keyboard on the iPad.

Ah I see, I was using a hardware keyboard. I reproed on the iPad with the on-screen keyboard.

On Android however, it works fine.
On Android the return key symbol also transforms into a tick :white_check_mark: on my keyboard.

@kepano That should be fixed now.

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