[Bug]: Obsidian desktop folders seen as separate vaults in iOS


[X ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

I had posted this in the main forum but was told to maybe try again here.
I moved my mac OS obsidian setup up from dropbox to iCloud where i have an Obsidian folder with an icon on it. I moved my folders (some with subfolders) into this folder. But in the iOS app, it treats every top level folder as a different vault. Once in a main folder with subfolders it seems I can access them. There is a .obsidian file in every top-level folder. I tried to create a new vault in the iOS app and the result was simply another folder in my desktop app. which seems to all be one vault. Very confused as to how this is supposed to work and how to get the ios app to read all my folders as one vault and not several.

Im also not sure how to start over as deleting a vault in iOS warns that it will delete my files.


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I think you need to set up the iCloud vault on iOS first, then add it on the Mac. After that, you can copy files from your old vault to that one and it will work.

ok, cool, but how do I start over? Seems if I delete my vaults on iphone they will delete from icloud. I dont see any kind of reset option.

so to make sure I understand. I’ll create a vault in ios and then I move my desktop folders to that folder. so it will look like this?

iCloud Drive/Obsidian/iOS_Created_Vault/Inbox (and other current desktop folders)

Does that mean in Obsidian desktop app, my current folders will be now be in a parent folder (called iOS_Created_Vault)?

I remember back when, but maybe it’s fixed or I’m remembering incorrectly, that there was some issue w/ clicking on links to other notes that are in other folders or subfolders?

I’m not sure I follow.

The process is this:

  1. create a vault iCloud Drive/Obsidian/iOS_Created_Vault on iOS
  2. create a vault on the Mac pointing it to that same folder.
  3. now you have an empty vault being synched both ways
  4. you can copy any files you want to that vault from other places (including problematic vaults) and they should be synched now.
  5. once all your data is in that new vault and you’ve confirmed its synchronized, you can delete the other legacy vaults.

Is this how you understood me?

The relevant other thread (in case anyone decides these should be merged again).

ok, thx. I’ll try this. should I delete the .obsidian file from each other the other folders? will I somehow lose any settings if I do this wrong or dont copy the proper .obsidan file along with?