[Bug] Notes showing (and getting stuck) in Sidebars (Left or Right)


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1 (83)
API version: v1.0.3

Hello there,

Lately,I mentionned into this [Feature] topic, a bug that happened a couple of days ago :

Hi there,

Actually, yesterday, when using Obsidian mobile to do some minor editing to a note (“Mu”), this very one happened to be pinned into the right sidebar !

However, as this is something I did not want to,and as I have no ideas how I did it, I am stuck the other way not knowing how to remove it from there…

(Original post)

In this very same topic, another user, Cawlin, mentionned the same kind of bug, but into the left sidebar.

He suggested as a first solution to edit the .obsidian/workspace-mobile.json in order to remove the unexpected/unwanted item manually.

  • Is this possible through my desktop device, by allowing the access to this workspace-mobile.json in the desktop vault .obsidian folder via Sync for instance ?
  • Are those kind of notes jumps into sidebar happened through some features i would have activated by mistake in Obsidian Mobile ?
  • Thus, could i fix this situation (i.e. remove the note from right sidebar) via some current features (or soon to be upadted) i would not be aware of ?

Thank you very much for your enlightments, and have a great day.

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I have the same issue. My theory is that it has happened because I had the sidebar opened in the app, then I used a shortcut to launch the daily note, which got opened in the sidebar instead of the main pane. I was using the URL scheme for obsidian natural language dates with the “new pane” option set to “no”. I even have notes in both sidebars–the left and the right!

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