[Bug] mobile toolbar appears red


[ ] iOS
[ x ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1 (83)
API: v1.0.3

All of a sudden every time I open a note or switch back to the obsidian android app the mobile toolbar appears red, until I close my keyboard then reopen it. After that the toolbar shows the normal theme and I can see the icons again.

Android has the little down arrow to hide the keyboard. When I press this the keyboard and the toolbar disappears. When I press anywhere there is text to bring the keyboard back up, the toolbar is normal again.

If I switch notes or close obsidian and come back the toolbar will be red again and I will have to close and reopen the keyboard to fix it.

I’d guess this is a plugin issue, since the part that’s turning red isn’t normally visible when the keyboard is open.

Isn’t this a core plugin for the mobile app? Or are you suggesting that a plugin is causing it to show while the keyboard is showing?

The latter. The default toolbar doesn’t have 2 rows, and I know there’s a plugin that enables that and the always-showing.

Ok, Your right it was advanced mobile toolbar that seems to have the problem. Disabling that removes the bar that turns red and shows the default toolbar that is only one row.

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