[bug] Make notifications dismissable

In app notifications block access to the top bar. These notifications disappear on their own after a while, but if there are many, this can de-facto break the whole app. This means that a simple problem can turn into a big problem.

What I was expecting:

  1. I would expect a simple swipe upwards or to the side to be able to dismiss the notification and

  2. delay more than notifications for 5-10secs

I’d also expect to

  1. be able to hold the message and copy the message to the clipboard.


  1. have the notifications in the middle of the screen, where if something does go wrong, the user can at least experiment with plugin settings to try to improve the situation.
    (perhaps this oversight is because developers don’t do it this way?)

Version tested: 1.4.6

I am not sure which notifications you a talking about but Obsidian’s notifications are almost all time based and dismissible with a tap.

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Then could we permit a swipe as well as the tap if we don’t want to allow copying the message to the clipboard ?

I can’t be the only one

Yes! I, too, would like the option to view the notifications, especially template error messages. Storing them in a Notification Note or on the clipboard is fine.

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