[Bug] Long unpaginated PDFs not rendering


[ X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: Latest App Store Version

I’m creating a bug post based on a discussion that was not marked as such, now that, for at least my issue, it can easily be replicated.

The issue is that PDFs that are lengthy but not paginated (one long page) won’t render on mobile. It’s happening to PDFs created from a screenshot, which creates one long, unpaginated PDF. A way to create an offending file in iOS is to open a Safari page, create a screenshot, set it to full page, save to Obsidian location in Files app.

I just tested the same file in the Mac app, and it renders fine.

Please, attach the pdf.

@WhiteNoise the forum system won’t let me upload a PDF.

[Bug] Long unpaginated PDFs not rendering - Mobile - Obsidian Forum.zip (136.2 KB)

@WhiteNoise OK, managed to upload it as a zip file.

Also, attached two screenshots, one with the blank render in Obisidian in safe mode, and one showing the PDF in the Files app.

It works for me on Android. Do you have plugins or themes enabled?
It may be a problem with safari’s javascript engine.

I have the exact same bug with the current Testflight version. Should this already be fixed?

No, that will be in the next version.

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