[Bug] Loading Plugins/Indexing hides keyboard


[ ] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1 (83)

On my phone (Google Pixel 3) I use Obsidian mainly for:

  • Viewing notes for reference
  • Quick-Capture of thoughts/ideas/notes

In order to optimize Obsidian Mobile for quick-capture I use the Plugin “Plugin-Groups” to greatly improve the App-Start-Up-Time by delaying the Loading-Process of most Plugins for a couple of seconds.

This enables me to quickly start Obsidian (2-3 s) and start typing right away, which is great!
Sadly something going on in the background will always hide away the keyboard after a couple of seconds, which interrupts the flow of capture and can be annoying.
I suspcet that it’s either a delayed plugin loading in the background or maybe the indexing process of Obsidian itself (?).

Anyways I would love to fix this little bug so that I can keep typing, despite whatever is happening in the background!
This would greatly improve the app for quick-capture-purposes :smiley:

Does anyone else notice the same behaviour? If there is already a fix for this “issue” please let me know, but I wasn’t able to find anything regarding this topic.

You can try another way to get started quickly

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Hi @KuiyueRO thank you for the hint - I’ve actually stumbled over this article before, but felt like it was a little to techy (requiring too much setup) for me personally :sweat_smile:
That’s why I really like the “Plugin-Groups-Approach” which in general works really well!

The only “annoyance” for me at the moment is the “hideaway of the keyboard” a couple of seconds after I can start typing with my current setup, as this interrupts the typing flow (I have to bring the keyboard up again).
It’s not terrible, but a slight nuisance :slight_smile:

Well nevermind… for some reason, I was unable to reproduce the behaviour when I tried it again just now! :partying_face:
I don’t know what changed, bur for now it looks like its “fixed”. I will keep watching out for the issue I had consistently in the last two days, but until it reappears this issue is solved!

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