[Bug] Line changes jumps the screen under specific circumstances

Steps to reproduce

This happens when:

  1. The end of the file is currently visible on-screen (i.e. the bottom empty space
  2. Option “Show line number” is disabled.

Then, just open any note, scroll to the bottom, and use enter to break a new line / delete a line.

Expected result

Nothing happens, the screen stays where it should be (as long as the new line or the deleted line won't go off-screen)

Actual result

The screen jumps to put the newly created line at the bottom of the screen (above keyboard)


  • Operating system: Android 10
  • Obsidian version: Mobile v1.0.4

Additional information

these 2 gifs can demonstrate this bug clearly:


Actually… if this is actually intended and the line numbers enabled behavior is a bug… Then this post would be a feature request instead.

Sometimes I view text below when typing or just want some empty space below my cursor. Even if these aren’t the cases, having screen jumps frequently is a bit… Annoying

But I do really love this app tho xD :heart: Just wanting to make it better