[Bug] Learning Hotkey stuck state

Steps to reproduce

  1. On mobile (e.g. iOS Phone with no keyboard), goto Settings, then Hotkeys
  2. On any hotkey choice, click the (*) icon to the right. The program goes into “Press hotkey…” mode.
  3. Without a keyboard, you are stuck with no way to cancel. Worse, it stays in this state even after you hit the back arrow key to leave the hotkeys menu. It is still waiting for you to type something. Thus even going back to edit mode on a document no longer works. Returning to the hotkeys menu shows that it is still expecting you to “Press hotkey…”

Expected result

  • At least when you exit the hotkeys menu, for it to cancel any hotkey learning
  • Preferably have a way to cancel the learning of a hotkey (button, or retapping the (*) icon)

Actual result

  • Hangs all future input


  • Operating system: iOS
  • Obsidian version: latest as of 2021-04-29 (Couldn’t find version number listed in the app’s “about” settings page in mobile app)

Additional information

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is not the right section of the forum. Please read the pinned message again on #mobile.

Thanks @WhiteNoise - and sorry about that. It looks like you fixed it for me - thanks.

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Fixed as of 0.0.18.

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