[Bug]Launch Speed on Android


Android A12

[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.14.15.

Launch takes over 15 seconds, particularly the plugin load. It did not always do this.

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I’m running Android 12, Obsidian version: 0.14.15 my Obsidian startup time is about 4 seconds. I will tell you that I only run 5 plugins on android. Most of the ones I run on Linux don’t make a lot of sense to me on android.
Have you tried turning on “Debug startup time” to see which if any plugins may be causing the issue.

Hi @flphotog, yes that seemed to help to reduce plugins on mobile. Thanks!

I also drastically reduce plugins on iOS. It even helps to turn off core plugins, I find, and as mentioned above many of the plugins aren’t as useful on mobile anyway.

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TfT Hacker has written an amazing script to delay the loading of plugins on mobile which made a felt huge difference for me:

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Great idea to turn off core plugins, didn’t think about that.
Does it make a difference for you, and which ones did you turn off?
@TfTHacker Did you test this too?

“File recovery” was one that made a big difference, I think. And it’s not something I would ever use on mobile. I turned off everything I could, but left the things I consider “core” functionality. I currently only use these plugins on mobile:

  • Command palette
  • File explorer
  • Backlinks
  • Daily Notes
  • Quick Switcher
  • Search
  • Templates

And for community plugins:

  • Banners
  • Dataview
  • Tasks

On desktop I use MANY more, but on mobile I’ve tried to cut out everything that isn’t essential for my daily needs.

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That hack is very clever! I didn’t realize such a thing was possible. Great for the advanced user, although straight up disabling plugins is easier. I really only use Obsidian on mobile to capture new ideas and quickly reference old ones, all of the “real” work happens on desktop.