[Bug] [iOS] Remote Vault Confusion Over Duplicate Vault Names



Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.6 (3)

I was having trouble getting my MacOS v0.11.13 to sync with iOS v0.0.6 so I deleted the iCloud Obsidian directory contents and started from scratch on iOS with a little help.

  • On iOS, check the sync settings.
  • Choose a remote vault but none are visible so create a new vault with the same name.
  • After the create completes there are now two remote vaults with the same name.
  • Connect to the first vault in the list.
  • Open the sync settings on desktop.
  • Choose a remote vault also shows two vaults with the same name.
  • Connect to the first vault in the list.
  • On iOS, delete the disconnected vault name and ignore the warning that content will be deleted.
  • iCloud now has a copy of all of my content and changes made on either side syncs successfully with iCloud.

If I understand correctly, the bug being reported here is that there were no remote vaults, but when you attempted to create one, it created two identically named vaults?

Yes, that’s what appeared to happen.

Is this still happening?

I haven’t tried the above in quite a while. I do check on the app from time to time but I still can’t get to any of my documents.

I believe I am experiencing the same issue currently. Upon creating a new remote vault it appears to be duplicated in the list of available vaults.

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