[Bug] iOS IME issue: when deleting long texts, eventually the texts after the cursor are deleted too


iOS 15.7, 1.4.3

To reproduce

Put the cursor before some texts, use iOS default Chinese IME to type some texts longer than one line, then keep pressing “Backspace”.

Screen recording:


Upstream link

Just tested and this is an CM6 upstream bug, I have reported it there and link:

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So to put it in words: While deleting a long text, eventually the text after the cursor is deleted too.

Is this still happening in v1.4.4?

Something funky is going on. At a certain point I can’t delete and the editor jams up. In the second try, Line2 gets the muted text color at first but end up disappearing.

Obsidian 1.4.4 (98) with Japanese (romaji) input.

But, if you enter the characters or character sets (kana/kanji in this case) one at a time and choose the suggestion, as you would normally type, the line wraps fine and delete works as expected.

This seems an edge case with continually typing in nonsense. It’s not how CJK users normally use their phones.

Yes, still happens with 1.4.4