[Bug] [iOS] - Can't see the list of notes in the core plugin "File Recovery"

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Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.14

Device : iPad Pro (2020 - 11โ€™โ€™) - iPadOS 14.4.2
Sync : iCloud Drive (Strictly)

I know this has been reported already, as I reported it through TestFlight yesterday :innocent: but I just thought it might not hurt to report here as well (now that I can :blush: )

When trying to consult snapshots in the File Recovery core plugin the list where I should select a note simply doesnโ€™t show up (neither in landscape mode or portrait).
It seems more like a trouble of size of the menu than a functional bug.

Tested solely on an iPad Pro (2020 - 11โ€™โ€™) - iPadOS 14.4.2

Here is a screenshot of what I get after tapping on โ€œViewโ€ (snapshots) in the File Recovery core plugin.

Same vault opened on Mac :

And just in case : I know thereโ€™s at least one snapshot available for one note in that vault :blush:

A small add-on : on iPhone (XS - iOS 14.4.2) : the menu to select the note to see the snapshots is stuck at the bottom of the screen (both in landscape and portait)

Should be addressed as of 0.0.18.

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Works perfectly on iPhone and iPad :grin: :+1: !

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