[Bug] iOS buggy/slow MP4 performance


[x ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: 1.43 95

I have a few notes with embedded local MP4 files. On desktop, loading/display of the videos is seamless and fast.

On iOS / mobile it seems to either load very slowly or cause some kind of loop that locks up Obsidian. This used to work fine but changed with a mobile release around 6-9 months ago.

A test video I have is a 1 minute 720p clip around 50 meg. This loads albeit slowly. It was downsized from 1080p/90meg which would not load at all, and usually caused Obsidian to lock up upon loading the note. H264/AAC, nothing special codec-wise.

Also - I’ve created a few canvas notes with MP4s, these will not load at all on mobile, in fact all cards disappear and it leaves only the grid.

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