[Bug] Insert Markdown Link not working

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[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.19

  1. Using Insert Markdown Link in ribbon bar does not work, but HotKey Command K does. Is this a bug, and is it being worked on. I couldn’t find specific issue being addressed in the Forum/Mobile.
  2. And, when either is used, should the URL contained in the Clipboard supposed to be automatically pasted into the result, similar to most other iPadOS apps that have this feature.
  3. And lastly, when using HotKey ‘Command+K’, shouldn’t the cursor be placed AFTER the last ‘)’ and not before it.

For 1. I am unable to repro - the button works for me as long as I’m properly focused in the editor. Are you tapping it with the touchpad, or by tapping on the screen directly? The touchpad may have issues related to [Bug] Palettes require tapping option twice

For 2. Please file a separate feature request. The web API is slightly limited in terms of getting clipboard content, and will require some effort to add a native component for this functionality.

For 3. I don’t fully understand, but right now it puts the cursor in the display text position so you can type the display text right away, which is what I’d expect.

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