[Bug] Incorrectly formatted heading in edit mode


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.1.14

When I create a new note with the following content, the H2 heading is incorrectly formatted. The word ”This” is formatted correctly, i.e. as heading text, but the words ”is a heading” are formatted as normal text.

# Test 1 - 2021-07-04 (foo)
This is some text I've written. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet foo bar baz boo. Some more text.

## This is a heading

The problem seems in some way related to a specific position in the text. If I remove or add text above the problematic heading, the position at which the normal text begins changes by the corresponding number of characters.

If I switch to view mode, everything is formatted correctly, but when I switch back to edit mode, the bad formatting is still there.