[Bug] iCloud Sync Problem

Sync failure.


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

I know this has been brought up before and it is an iOS problem, but I thought I would mention it again being as I am on the latest beta. Working in iOS beta, files are transfered immediately to the Mac. Reversing the process, Mac to iOS, the files hang. The files appear in the files app, but will not download. Likewise they do not appear in Obsidian iOS. The steps needed to get them there are: hard reboot of the phone, open files app, wait for download, open Obsidian (still not there), force close Obsidian, open Obsidian and then they are there and all is good. Here are screenshots of versions:

I am not sure this is an Obsidian issue. I noticed this as well and did digging around I found it was an iCloud sync issues.

Files can show up in the Files app on iOS does not mean they are synced. Just like on a Mac you can see the files but they could still be uploading/downloading

This is sometimes an iCloud sync issues

Thank you @odarkthirty . Yes I am aware that it’s an Apple problem as I mentioned. This was posted in Discord and they asked if it could be posted here.

Hi I’ve tested this today, but I have not problem with this. Am on iOS beta 14.5 b7 and macOS 11.2.3 and I’ve tested it both ways and .md files sync instantly between mac and iOS.

You are correct. It does work for me as well, however, when it doesn’t, it is always Mac to iOS and the steps above fix the problem. It will then be alright for a while.

Happy to hear that the problem doesn’t always occur for you.