[Bug] "iCloud is disabled for Obsidian" error


[ X] iOS version 15.1 (iPhone 11 Pro)
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5(29)

I’ve succesfully run Obsidian on my Mac and my iPhone using iCloud sync until last update (Mac version 0.13.4 insider build).
A few hours ago I tried to open my iPhone Obsidian app and got this error:

And in next screen I’m not able to “create” a vault with the same name of the iCloud one:

The point is that in my iPhone settings everything seems fine:

And this doesn’t surprise me, as I didn’t “play” with any of these settings

I searched the forum and this seems to be a (graveyard) bug some old versions had…
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any hint!

As other apps gave me this error (and of course all of them had the “green” slider in settings), I simply restarted my iPhone and everything worked.

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