[Bug] Hotkey for 'close active pane' not working for Local Graph, etc


[X ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: 1.3.0(63)

On iPad and Magic Keyboard → Hotkey for ‘Close Active Pane’ seems to be working fine everywhere, EXCEPT on ‘local graph’ pane and ‘backlinks for current file’ pane. I have hotkeys to open these two in new panes, but now I can’t close them with the usual hotkey. These two are fundamental to my workflow and popped up right away. FWIW There could be other related edge cases that I don’t use.

On Ipad still - Panes opening w outgoing links can be closed with ‘Close Pane’ hot key, but getting focus on this new pane is not consistent. Sometimes new pane has focus but its at header not the editor. Sometimes focus stays on original pane. And sometimes everything works with focus on editor of new pane.