[Bug] Hotkey acting funny on iPadOS


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Settings > Hotkey.
  2. Record a hotkey, pressing Command-Option-I.

Expected result

Command-Option-I should be recorded as the hotkey.

Actual result

Command-Option-6 was recorded as the hotkey. Pressing either Command-Option-I or Command-Option-6 now leads to the command being executed.


  • Operating system: iPadOS 14.4.2
  • Obsidian version: 0.0.17
  • Hardware: Apple Magic Keyboard and iPad Air 4
  • Physical keyboard layout: International English
  • Keyboard layout in system settings: U.S.

Additional information

The keystroke combination Command-Shift-I works properly in other apps. The keystroke I produces i as expected in the Obsidian editor as well as other apps.

Edit: Moved this post to #mobile per the instruction of @WhiteNoise .


Thank you for the report! I have investigated this issue, and unfortunately, it is because of a bug in iOS that seems to be telling our app that in-fact the “6” key is pressed.

I suspect this might be because Option+I is used to type the ^ character, which is more commonly typed using Shift+6. The engineers at Apple must have ran into a scenario where some other popular app requires the 6 key to be pressed when inserting ^, and decided to remap Option+I to the 6 key as a “workaround”, which is causing our app to get the signal for the 6 key instead of the I key.

I will add a workaround to our codebase to detect this specific scenario and correct for this discrepancy in the next release.


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