[Bug] Hot Keys Desktop Shift Setting Appearing in iOS mobile


[X ] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17 (4)

Hey there!

I have several Hot Keys set up on my desktop that utilize Shift, specifically Shift R for opening a random note and Shift W that toggle the side panel.

When I try to use a capital W or a Capital R in the iOS app, it does the associated hot key. So, for example, if I try to start a sentence with a word that has R, it will open up a random note.

Is this expected behavior?

Does that mean you can’t type capital W or R in the desktop app? This is probably by design yes - normally people don’t set Shift+R as a hotkey.

iOS specifically sets the “shift” key when you press a capital letter, which is by Apple’s design.

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