[Bug] Gboard handwriting scrolls up while backspacing and then makes text dissapear if I click anywhere just visually


[ ] iOS
[ X] Android (11)
Device: Xiaomi Pad 5

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.2.0

The editor is having some issues when using GBoard handwriting keyboard. Regularly, if I backspace when on the handwriting keyboard mode, it’ll scroll up the view. Afterwards, anywhere I click text will dissapear, but only visually. If I change file, the text that dissapeared from clicking anywhere on the file is back. Backspace behaviour is working properly, just a visual bug that causes discomfort, as it seems it deletes text.

I attach the screen recording of the bug happening:

I have succesfully been able to replicate this on a newly created vault, after reinstalling the app.

Steps to reproduce, its a bit finnicky to get, as view needs to be aligned in a certain way, but I can reproduce it in 8 tries out of 10, after understanding how to do it with the steps below

  1. Create new fault and file
  2. Add enough content that it can scroll in the file
  3. scroll up so the line you are writing on gets hidden
  4. Do two/three enters
  5. handwrite something
  6. do backspaces.
  7. See that the editor view scrolls up too when a backspace happen
  8. Click anywhere on the screen and it will delete text (visually)
  9. Change/create another fike
  10. Go to that other file
  11. Go back, and see that text is back.

Its a really anoying bug, and is causing me quite some stress when handwriting notes.

I was doing some other work, and thought to try it on another android device.

It also happens on my One Plus 6T. Same version.