[Bug] Gboard enter key recently stopped working on Obsidian mobile (Android)

This was working fine until recently. It stopped working without me changing anything about my Obsidian setup.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Configure your Android device to use the Gboard keyboard by default, and don’t disable any autocompletion settings that are on by default.
  2. Open Obsidian on Android, with “restricted mode” on to disable community plugins.
  3. Create a new note.
  4. Type “test”.
  5. Press “enter”.

Expected result

A new line is created.

Actual result

Nothing happens.

Note: If I type a space or symbol after “test” and then press “enter”, a new line is created correctly.


  • Operating system: Android

  • Debug info:

  Operating system: android 12 (samsung SM-G975F)
  Obsidian version: 1.4.3 (95)
  API version: v1.1.16
  Login status: not logged in
  Live preview: on
  Legacy editor: off
  Base theme: dark
  Community theme: none
  Snippets enabled: 0
  Restricted mode: on


Additional information

If I disable all 3 of these features in Gboard settings, the issue no longer occurs:

  • “Show suggestion strip”
  • “Auto-correction”
  • “Spell check”

However, I don’t want to disable them.


I can’t reproduce.

It’s an issue with the beta version of gboard. Not sure if it is expected behavior going forward :man_shrugging: