[Bug] Failed to save the files when the file name contains "#"

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[ ] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3
Android version: 11
Samsung S21+ OneUI 3.1

Failed to save the files when the file name contains “#”.
This happens whether the file name has “#” or the directory & root directory has “#”.

Normally it should just be links will not work.
but unexpectedly, the file cannot be saved.
obsidian will show “FILE_NOTCREATED”

The “^” and “[]” in the same category as # (links will not work) do not cause the unarchive situation.

I think “#” can be used as a file name, because if you use the irregular “|” it will fail to change.

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That’s an illegal character on Android, it can’t be used in file names.
You also shouldn’t use it on desktop because obsidian will interpret what comes after it as a heading.

Okay, I will change the way I name the files.

Will you set # as the keyword to disable naming?
Seems to be a problem on current Android

Ok, I got mixed up. # is allowed in file names on Android, but it’s not recommended as shown by the prompt because links to it wouldn’t work.

I think the issue might be fixed in 1.0.4, though. Let’s see.

Okay, thank you for your reply!

Looking forward to v1.0.4 ^^

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