[Bug] Editor area is extremely small


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

The editor area on my phone (a OnePlus 6 phone – Android 11), for any note is like 20px tall, making editing impossible (the Markdown Preview mode shows the note ok however). On newly-created notes, I don’t even see where the field is - I keep tapping on the area below the title field but it isn’t allowing me to start editing. The title field area is editable, however.

don’t use that theme. Use the default theme.

It’s the default Dark theme. I switched to Light theme and it’s the same.

EDIT: I’ve switched some themes around - now on “Dracula” – which doesn’t have this problem. I think flipping the themes around fixed it for me. As to how the issue for me started, I started first to create notes on the Mac client and had a theme - Dracula - installed. When I loaded my synced notes on Android for the first time, it was on Light mode + some theme I didn’t recall. So switching the theme fixed it for me.

It doesn’t look like the default theme.
Three things:

  1. Try with no plugins & no themes
  2. Update your android webview.

I managed to fix it, by flipping some themes around (which I haven’t tried at the beginning as I thought I had it configured already from a Mac client), as per my comment above. Thanks!

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