[BUG] Document that is very “wide” cannot be scrolled/editted


[X] iOS (iPad & iPhone)
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.18

I have a very wide markdown table at the bottom of my document. The app scrolls the document all the way to the bottom and scrolls to the far right. I can only see maybe 2 lines of text. When I attempt to scroll further to the left the sidebar (file explorer in my case) shows up. When I attempt to scroll up, the app shows the Open command palette box.

Using an external keyboard on my iPad doesn’t allow me to scroll the information either.

The only way I can read the document is to go into preview mode.

Do you still have this problem?

This should have been fixed in one of the older releases - if not it’s likely due to a custom css rule.

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