[Bug] Desktop DNP overwrites the DNP already created by iOS mobile app


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.15

Discord discussion: Discord

Bug: On Mobile I clicked the “Open Daily Notes” core plugin and it created a DNP correctly. I then added some notes to it. Then when I opened up my desktop for first time this morning and went to DNP with “Open daily note on startup” it re-created my DNP from template overrode / replaced what I had added to it from Mobile.

It did have the original page from mobile in version history though so I simply reverted back to that manually and everything was fine. But if someone didn’t have sync they wouldn’t have been able to recover an older version like that.

It would be nice if in this situation it would somehow merge the two and take the one with additional content instead. Just to be clear, it currently does NOT really “merge” it, instead it more of “replaces” my mobile DNP with the empty desktop template and has an entry in the version history for the mobile one which I can manually go in and revert to.

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this was handled with a specific sync exception.