[Bug] Deleting many characters sometimes deletes the wrong text



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.1

Sometimes holding the delete button will delete the wrong things. It’s hard to say exactly what’s happening because it’s difficult to reproduce, and it is difficult to see what’s happening when holding the delete key.

It could be the cursor jumping around, or it could be that sometimes it deletes ahead of the cursor instead of behind (delete instead of backspace). It could be both.

I believe it happens more often when there’s stuff to live preview, and happens a little less often when the live preview is off.

Some examples:



[ ]ios(ipad )
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.6(105) API v1.3.5

I also have a similar problem with you, since the ipad update, now I often delete 2 characters when I press the delete button, which bothers me very much. :sneezing_face:

What plugins do you have active? Do you see this in a sandbox vault as well? (Since the mobile versions annoyingly still don’t have a way to open a copy of the sandbox vault, you’ll have to manually put a copy somewhere in your iPad’s storage. They make it hard to just get a plain copy, but it looks like someone uploaded a zip of it to the forum last year in this thread: Restore Sandbox vault?

Direct link to the zip file: https://forum.obsidian.md/uploads/short-url/dZ9r8U3MIJPGNpgFDvIHBrkUVZz.zip

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Sorry for taking so long to reply to you.
I used sandbox vault on my iPad and also encountered the problem of deleting 2 characters. But it should be noted that I have found that only inputting Chinese can cause such problems, while English does not.

Some examples:
Demo Video.zip (352.8 KB)

I don’t know if this is our problem or if it’s phone’s autocorrect that is kicking in.

Having clear reproducible steps would help.

@chenxx you may have a specific and different problem with CJK.

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