[Bug] Context menu doesn't appear if selection starts at beginning of line

Context: Android, occurs on Pixel 6 and Nokia 5.3.
Obsidian Mobile version: v1.41 (83)

Context menu doesn’t appear if I select text that starts at beginning of line as displayed. I.e. if the line wraps and I select from where the wrapped line in the file starts a new line on the screen, there is no context menu. (Observation: There’s also no marker at the start of the selection, only at the end.)

Exceptions: I sometimes get the context menu if I select text near the top of the file, and there are no links or tags before the selection. But I can’t replicate this consistently.

E.g. I’m experimenting with selecting the first line of YAML, the “—”.

  • If I triple click the line to select the paragraph, I get the menu. (But no marker at the start of the selection.)
  • If I double click the first character, or any other character and drag the selection to the beginning of the line, no menu.

Possibly-related observation: If I triple-click a paragraph that contains a link, either the selection will stop at the link (rather than selecting the whole para) or the cursor jumps to the next para and nothing is selected.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you resubmit this bug report and follow the BR template. Also attach a screen recording of this happening. Thanks