[Bug] Command `Toggle heading` cannot work properly in the desktop version

This is not a “Mobile Bug”.
Desktop command Toggle heading which was implemented in Mobile for the first time doesn’t work properly.

Mobile commands in en.json ↓


Obsidian: v0.12.4
OS: macOS Big Sur 11.3

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ok, I get it now. My apologies!

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Yeah, it doesn’t work for me either.

Obsidian: vo.12.15
OS: Windows 10

I also cannot get it to work.

I noticed that using this keyboard shortcut in the desktop app…adds some invisible markup/text? So that it seems like the keyboard is not responding when trying to use arrow keys to move around the area where the keyboard shortcut was initiated. But I think it is actually traversing a bunch of invisible characters. Deleting the blank lines makes the cursor responsive to arrow keys in that area again.