[BUG?] Code Mirror CSS doesn't work on IOS


  • [x] iOS
  • [ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17

My WYSIWYG seems to be broken on IOS. You can have the file here.

Here some screenshot :

After some research, it’s seems that the active line is broken on IOS. It’s normal?

Mobile uses a completely different editor (CodeMirror 6 vs CodeMirror 5 on desktop). The mechanisms are very different and we don’t expect CSS that does extensive “hacking” to the DOM such as hiding or moving DOM elements to work properly.

We’ve tried keeping the CSS classes as close as possible to the original parser, but anything that does serious behavioral modifications to the editor is expected to not work.

It was expected in fact ! I trying with the good class from CM6 but doesn’t work.
It’s not really a problem, I just don’t display link (as I know where are they, I just need to back to remove the ) to edit it)

Thank you for your response !

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