[Bug] Checklist toolbar action behavior

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Selecting the :white_check_mark: from the ribbon bar displays a dash “-“ instead of what I thought would\should be a ‘[ ]’.

This follows the same shortcut that is used on desktop
it cycles - , - [ ], - [x]

Who knew??? And I did search.

By way of explanation, I guess my ‘discoveries’ are mostly because I’m testing mobile for creating and writing notes much more than I was with Obsidian on my MacMini. As an iPadOS user, I was creating notes in either 1Writer or Taio and then using the Mac for linking/back linking etc. With the mobile app, I’m now more able to adapt my ‘complete’ workflow with Obsidian (creation, refracting). So, you may see more of these ‘reports’. :wink:

we might change this. I got another report of confused user.

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