[Bug] Can't press new line in the middle of text

This is something I try to do very often. I write a long paragraph and then separate it with new lines. Apparently it’s only possible to do it at the end of all written text, currently. Here’s a gif with a bug demo:

I cannot repro this bug. Android 10, GBoard, Obsidian mobile v0.0.19.

Please let me know what versions you’re using and which keyboard.

I can repro on .19 with android and gboard.

I remember discussing it with you about an earlier version as well. :thinking: I think you said something about gboard being the culprit?

Lmk if you want a gif of it on my phone too.

I think it was because gboard doesn’t send return but \n, so a new line character.

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I used SwiftKey for my gif.

Nonetheless, the bug is now fixed for me. Dunno if it was fixed or an update on my phone fixed it.

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