[Bug] Can't create note with title containing a question mark (`?`) character


[ ] iOS – not tested
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new note with a title containing ? character, e.g. WTF is Time?
  2. You’ll get an error that says Unable to rename, unknown reason:

Thank you for your excellent work.

That’s a forbidden character. It may work on some OSes but not on all (on Windows it’s forbidden), and I think it’s also an illegal character for Obsidian sync for this reason.

Also, there is a problem when doing sync of notes with the ? character…

Hi - is there a list of invalid characters somewhere? Most of the notes one my vaults were created elsewhere, I should probably check them.


I did find this:

In the forum, I learned the following trick:

To use the ?character instead of the (normal) ?

(try to copy-paste them, they are different)

I think ideally Obsidian would do sensible escaping behind the scenes, so that users can use whatever characters they like in their note titles.

Personally, I often want to use the : and / characters.

It seems as though the “=>” character in a note title broke Obsidian Sync for Android. The sync log showed a FILE_NOTCREATED error and then no further output, despite there being many more notes still to sync.

I’m seeing that there are a bunch of characters that I can put in note titles on Obsidian for Mac without getting a warning, but which trigger a FILE_NOTCREATED error on Android. Another example is double quotation mark (").

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I guess this is all due to filesystem constraints, but as I said, I think the ideal solution would be for Obsidian to escape filenames. I’m not sure how practical that is.

I guess another option would be to store the note title in the note itself (rather than the filename) but I guess that raises portability issues, and also backwards compatibility issues. The backwards compatibility issue could be addressed by making this an optional feature. Hmm. :thinking:

Ah cool, it sounds like the “sync gets stuck due to invalid filename” issue will be patched in the next release:

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