[Bug] Android : Can't create new line in notes


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.2

When pressing enter on my keyboard, Obsidian won’t create a new line in any file, except for when:

  • The current line is empty,
  • The current line ends with a punctuation mark,
  • The file has an (empty) line below the current line.

This bug does occur for me when:

  • The current line ends with a word without punctuation mark and is the last line in the file.
  • The current line ends with a word without punctuation mark and is a heading. Even with an empty line below it, a new line won’t be created.

This occurs for me on my current vault with default theme and restricted mode on as well as on a brand new vault.

(I also noticed that on Windows (with the cursor at the end of the inline title) pressing enter once will take the cursor one line down, doesn’t work on Android. Instead I have to quickly double press enter for the same result. Not sure if this is related.)

Using Gboard on a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Curious if anyone else has this issue! Thanks.


works for me

If you create new vault on Android, do you still have that issue in the new vault?

Yes. I do, unfortunately.

I have the same issue on the beta Gboard

I uninstalled the beta to this version and the issue is gone.

Also having this same issue, also using Beta Gboard - I’m trying the standard version now to see if that fixes it.

Yep, that fixes it - seems to be a gboard problem

I just started having the problem on Google Pixel 7. Standard keyboard installed.

Gboard version:

This issue happens when either “Auto correct” (“Correction automatique” in french) or “Spellchecking” (“Correcteur orthographique” in french) options are enabled in the Gboard settings.

When one of the two (or both) options are checked, you’ll see the word underlined as if the keyboard wanted to show alternatives to the word. That’s when the line return doesn’t work.

Obsidian is the only app I have which has this input bug.

Pixel 6, latest non-beta Gboard as of 21st of March.

My bet is that when @anjabeth will update Gboard, line returns will not work anymore.

I’m on the Gboard beta and I have the same new line issue related to auto correct.