[Bug] Alias Metadata


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

  • Latest beta
  • Latest public iOS
  • iPhone 11Pro Max

I don’t know if this is a bug, of operator error, as I am fairly new to aliases. I have created dozens without this happening until present. I also do not know if this is, or will occur on the Mac, as I am not able to get to it for a while.

I did get to the Mac, and the file looked fine and works as expected with the quote marks, so it must only be happening on mobile iOS.

What is happening, some of the aliases are showing like this: “test”, rather than the expected, like this: test

The only way I can get them to show up and work properly, is to remove the from the last two aliases.

It seems to be working fine without the , but don’t know if long term, it will break the aliases?

I am providing several screenshots of what it looks like in edit mode, as well as preview mode below:

Adding to the past post, this continues happening with other alias files writing in notes today.

The addition of this reply is for further proof of these occurrences with aliases on mobile.

Ah, it seems like iOS helpfully converted your double quotes " into begin and end double quotes , which are different characters that aren’t normally used for YAML. Not sure if there’s a way to disable this behavior on iOS though?

If you disable Smart Punctuation it should use straight quotes by default:

Settings > General > Keyboard > toggle off smart punctuation

If you like smart punctuation and want to keep it on, press and hold on the quote button in the keyboard and select straight quotes from the resulting pop up.

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I had not realized typing on mobile that I had used different forms of quote marks. I can plainly see this now that it has been pointed out.

The information provided above is good advise, but I do not use the default iOS keyboard.

I apologize for the user error and confusion.

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