Broken raw HTML

Steps to reproduce

Put this in a note:




Expected result

Rendered HTML structure should be about this:


<a ...>Yesterday</a> <a ...>Today</a>


Actual result


<div><a ...>Yesteday</a> <a ...>Tomorrow></a></div>


This is a normalized version as seen by Chromium. The opening nav gets closed because it’s in a div. The closing one is ignored because it lacks an opening pair.

Extra divs are not an issue as long as the basic structure is preserved.


  • Operating system: macOS (but I assume it’s present everywhere)
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.9

Additional information

Raw HTML is the part of Markdown since the firs published version. It’s available in all implementations I ever tried, including CommonMark.

I know this is done for performance reasons but maybe there’s a way to do add support of raw HTML without sacrificing performance.

you alredy got the answer on discord