British English dictionary

The ability to switch default dictionary from US English

I would like to ability to select a default dictionary for notes. I want to change the global default to British English. However other users may have requirements to keep notes in multiple languages so there my be a future requirement to set the default language at the folder or individual note level.

Proposed solution

In the Settings page under Spelling there should be an option to select a different dictionary.

Current workaround (optional)

Every time I see a red underline where the word is spelt correctly for the UK I just add it to the dictionary. Not a great solution but over time I should get less US spelling errors.


Yep, this would be amazingly good. I use the same system of adding my spelling to the dictionary. There is a big problem (for me) with this method…

I am dyslexic.


I haven’t got a clue sometimes if the spelling I add is right or not.

+++++1 for a British dictionary :pray:


plase search before posting

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oh right i see I missed an obvious there, my apologies

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@WhiteNoise please link to cross issues before snarking.
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