Breadcrumbs: Should i prefer parent tag, child tag or both?

Seems like having one tag is enough. If so, which one is better?

For me it depends on the purpose of the tags and how you like to organize your tags. I use a mix of them, e.g. #Book/Genre/Neurology

i.e. it’s a matter of preference IMO :slight_smile: I found my use of tags, and nested/child tags, increased as my note collection grew and I wanted more fine-grained control.

Thanks for commenting. Im not sure we undestood each other correctly.
Just to clarify, i mean in the yaml part, if i should prefer this:

child: [note B]

Or go to the sub note of that one and add this:

parent: [note A]

I could also put the CHILD in note A and also PARENT in note B but is there any benefit from this?

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