Breadcrumbs: implied parents and children not shown in matrix and trail view

I installed Breadcrumbs 2.26 in Obsidian 0.13.19 and it’s awesome. I look at it as an evolution of the messy backlinks into an orderly fashion. But there’s a thing that bugs me.
Let’s say I have a note A. From A, I create a child note B. From B, I create a “next” sibling B1. Now, B1 is an implied child of A. Yet when I open B1, I can only see his previous sibling B but not its parent A in the matrix and trail views. And when I open A, I can not see its implied child B1.
PS. The same happens if I define B1 as “same” as B.
Why is that?

I’ve noticed this same issue. Judging from the diagram on the breadcrumb wiki, it looks like in the current implementation, a parent relationship implies siblings but a sibling relationship does NOT imply parent. (At least according to this diagram taken from the plugin’s wiki):

See that:

  • A is a parent of B so:
  • B is a child of A (implied)
  • and C is a sibling of B:
    • BUT C is not a child of A (implied).

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