Booksidian - a Chrome extension to create a note from a book's Goodreads page

You can define a template for your book notes’ title and content, using parameters from the book. Check it out:

If you want to take a look at the code, it’s on GitHub: GitHub - Nurdok/booksidian: A Chrome extension to automatically create notes for books



That’s a great idea, thank you. Is there any possibility this will be developed for Firefox? Chrome is a bit yuck :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on my Book tracking lately. This is pretty sweet.

One issue I have run into: It breaks templates: {date} & {time}

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to add support for these soon.

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Thanks for sharing this. This combined with Dataview would help a lot for tracking reading progress in Obsidian.

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@nurdok - this is pretty clever. I was trying to hook the Goodreads API, but found out they’ve deprecated it somewhat recently. This is a good workaround for a quick capture.

I hacked your plugin a little and added support for the book description and series info off the page:

Caveat: Since the full description is under a unique ID, the tool does not work when the description is unfolded (ie: after the “…more” link is pressed)

I’ve never done a pull request before, but I could try to share if interested. It didn’t take too much to add these, though.

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Thanks @Erisred! A pull request will be much appreciated. If you want to learn how to do that, I’ll be glad to help over email or DMs here. If not, feel free to send me the diff and I’ll commit it myself.

Regarding the description - yeah, it’s kind of a bummer. It’s on my list to try to either click on “more” in JavaScript or find some other way to get the data.


@nurdok - I’ll see if I can fight through it early next week. My Friday and weekend are a little too packed to try something new, but it’s something I want to learn anyhow.

Edit - I lied and found time to procrastinate. Pull request sent!

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