Bookmark your notes to read later

I have been adding many large documents to my vault that I have to read. It has been getting annoying to Remember where I am when I come back to a document.

So I have been adding a [[#📑_Bookmark]] #📑_Bookmark link at the top of my documents, then I put a # 📑_Bookmark H1 where ever I end for the day. Next to the link at the top is also a tag #📑_Bookmark so that I can go back to them later.


I have alt+up/donw set to move the current line up and down. You can either look for your bookmark the alt+down it to where you leave for the day, or you canshift+up select the paragraphs up to your bookmark then alt+up to move all paragraphs up one line/the bookmark down several paragraphs.


Here is a template that I use to insert this small snippit into any note I am reading.

[[#📑_Bookmark ]] # 📑_Bookmark 

# 📑_Bookmark

Alternatively you could press the # key start typing bookmark then separate the # from 📑_Bookmark to make a heading.


My home note has the following dataview inline script that searches my vault for notes with #📑_Bookmark in them so that I can easily come back to any note I am currently reading.

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