Bookmark rename

Not sure where to file this one as it is not a bug per se, more like a feature request (or feature brush-up request):

Probably someone already mentioned it before but search did not yield such results that the Rename option in Bookmarks is

  • not only superfluous – as one can do the rename in Edit mode perfectly;
  • but quite awkward as well because when one is greeted with all text selected, one tends to follow Windows renaming procedure and wants to press/click into the box once more, which causes to activate the selected item (opens note, sets off search, etc.).

I do not see why Obsidian Bookmarks should be equipped with a clumsy second option when the first one does the job.

The feature request should go toward having the ability to edit the search terms (Query) in Edit mode, but one can easily delete a bookmark and make a new one so it is not necessary.

What do you mean by “Edit mode”?

Right Click: Edit… “mode” :slight_smile:

I’m on pre-1.4 BTW.

Now I understand your observation. Rename option when right clicking a note in Bookmarks tab. I agree your observation, rename in Bookmarks tab and rename in regular Files tab seems to be inconsistent when the item is clicked. Also it’s not obvious if they perform the same action or not (rename in Bookmarks tab is different action).

In my mind, Edit can imply all kinds of operations and people will intuitively click it with a view to to doing some renaming.
They will see Title there and can click away a million times before they make up their minds what they want to rename it to.
The other is just off. Not to mention the fact in my theme (Blue Topaz), the box is shrunk by 20 percent when I do the rename through there.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s all I could do here.

I agree they should remove it but mostly because of the confusion of two different rename actions. Edit menu should be retitled to “Edit bookmark” and this will make things 100% clear.

I agree. Also, Title could be Edit Title or sg.

Please post it in “Feature Requests” and follow the templates when you are posting something.

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