Bookmark Obsidian file from within Mac's Finder app

What I’m trying to do

Does anyone know if I can add an Obsidian bookmark to an Obsidian file from within Mac’s Finder app? Is this possible? (I tried asking this on Discord, to no avail). Thanks!

Things I have tried

If I understand what you’re asking, check out Hookmarks. It’s not free for linking files, but I’m pretty sure it will let you link how you want.

Interesting thought, thanks!.. I like Hookmarks… but I’m trying to do something different: I’d like to add a bookmark to a file from within Mac’s finder that will show up as a bookmark in Obsidian

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If you don’t mind Obsidian opens the note, it might be possible by combining Advanced URI and Apple Shortcuts.

I haven’t tested it myself so it’s just a rough idea, but the shortcut will be something like this:

  1. Get a file from shortcut inputs, and then transform it to the relative path from the vault root
  2. Use the path to generate an advanced URI (or a built-in URI) that opens the note in Obsidian
  3. Open the resulting URI using Apple Shortcuts’ “Open URLs” action. This opens the note in Obsidian.
  4. Open the advanced URI to execute the command “Bookmarks: Bookmark…”

Come to think of it, bookmarks are actually just a single JSON file .obsidian/bookmarks.json.

It looks like:

  "items": [
      "type": "file",
      "ctime": 1695379682293,
      "path": "Daily/"

When I edited this file, the bookmarks were also updated in Obsidian. So I will suffice to edit it from Finder using some shortcuts.

Of course, there is a risk like a file format change.

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