Book Search plugin not working since Obsidian update?

I discovered the Book Search plugin shortly before the Obsidian update that introduced properties – and it was a game changer.

But as best I can tell, the plugin doesn’t do anything useful since the introduction of properties. It searches, and it finds the books, but I can’t find any way to actually output that information into a note anywhere. There simply is no YAML as far as I can tell – but I’m not sure if I might be overlooking something in my faltering understanding of how properties work.

Is there still a way to get this to use my template and/or output the searched information somewhere?

There are a few posts on their GitHub page. Maybe something there could help.

Looks like some kind of glitch on my machine. I’d moved my template and, although the new template location was correctly entered in the settings, it wasn’t reading it properly. I deleted it and re-entered and its seems to be working.

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