Bold, Underline, Highlight, etc, should not be triggered when there are whitespaces between the markers and the text

Steps to reproduce

in the last line there is a space between last char and ==

turn on preview mode

Expected result


Actual result



  • Operating system:
    Windows 10
  • Obsidian version:
    Obsidian 0.11.12

If we want to be commonmark compliant, the preview is right and the editor is wrong in this case

In case of bold **, both our editor and our preview are wrong.

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I disagree with you. Both the preview and the editor are not commonmark compliant in this case and should be fixed.


Because English punctuation is usually followed by a space, it can comply with compliant. However, in the Chinese environment, there will be no spaces after punctuation. If I force the addition of spaces, strange spaces will appear between sentences.
Must we fully comply with commonmark? It seems that only preview mode is unique.


have space
without space

zero width space is good

Bold failure in Chinese sentence, because of the usage of Chinese punctuation is different from English - Spec - CommonMark Discussion

bold with [[]]:

link is right, but without strong

<> with [[]]:

link is wrong

but in preview mode all are right.