Bold doesn’t render inside highlighted text

When a larger selection of text (e.g., a sentence or paragraph) is highlighted with ==, smaller selections of text within it surrounded by ** are not rendered as bold, even though such selections surrounded by * are rendered as italic.

For example:

==Tested with the **default** theme as well as *Minimal*.==

Weird, for me it’s working. Have you tested also in restrected mode without plugins ?

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Works for me as well.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 081517

Bug reports need the debug steps followed and the bug report template included. Thanks.

Moved to help.

I’m always telling people to turn on restricted mode, but I didn’t eat my own dogfood. I figured checking it with the default theme would be enough, but it wasn’t

The problem is the Highlightr plugin. I’m going to disable it and try it again when/if there’s an update.


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