Bold as asterisks - how to copy and paste (WYSIWYG)

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Obsidian. In my professional role, one of my tasks is creating SOPs (standard operating procedures).

In doing so, my document will have bold titles and subtitles throughout. After creating an SOP, I will copy and paste into an email to get approval. When I paste it into the body of the email, instead of bold I get asterisks.

Is there any way to copy - what you see is what you get - format? In other words pasting it and keeping the bold, numbering, and bullet points? Or am I stuck having to paste it into a Word document first and editing my document to achieve the format required?

I thought maybe it was just my email application, but then I pasted it into a blank Word doc and I get the same result.

Note: I would really like to continue using Obsidian, I’d like to keep a journal / record of all my documentation, not just SOPs. I prefer sticking to a unified system rather than utilizing different applications to meet my needs.

Yes — copy from reading view.

Thank you for your response!

How do you copy from, “reading view”.

The moment I place my cursor in the body of my note and use CTRL+A to select all, it changes the format into having asterisks instead of Bold, for example.

Edit: Disregard! I was able to click on the reader view, manually highlight the text and copy then paste with the exact format.

Thanks again!

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