Block Referencing - (Un)Linked mentions

In order not to copy paste everything and make this a very lengthy report, I will supply a three day link to a OneDrive TestVault a do use for Obsidian Research.
Don’t know if this is a good idea -> If not please do reply with better solutions

The link!Am-UPiW-VbL4jaJpJOCozeL6RY_heQ?e=mQQ9sQ

Using Obsidian 0.8.8 on MacOSX without CSS (for testing purposes)

I was investigating on suspicious behaviour in the Linked and Unlinked mentions sub-window when I stumbled upon this ‘bug’ on Block Referencing. Perhaps the title should be changed as I am currently unable to reproduce what I was researching. I leave that to the moderators and makers of Obsidian.

I spotted some strange behaviour when backlinking an .md file. This is weird because Obsidian should see that as a note/Zettle and not as an external file.

Secondly the Block Referencing with the Headers seemed to work on first sight but showed some weird behaviour explained in the Bug Research - Linked mentions note which you’ll find in the Vault

To already give a clue on the linked and Unlinked mentions ‘thing’:
Have a look at Forward and Backward links note. The [[Forward Link Note]]reference correctly displays in the pane.
In the Forward Link Note `[[Forward and Backward links]]’ is also correctly displayed.

Have a look at 2020-08-30** note where I did the same.
Alltough I linked another note [[Bug Research - Linked mentions]] it is not seen in the Linked mentions pane.

Could be I am misunderstanding the whole forward and backward linking thing but it’s strange that there is another behaviour that can be seen in different notes when trying to/ doing the same thing.

Please do reach out when more info is needed

RikD, I appreciate the effort you put in preparing this but unfortunately it’s counterproductive.

I skim through your vault and I realized that it’s a mix of bug reports, feature requests, (most of which already reported) and some misunderstanding on how obsidian works on top of that.

For making requests effective and actionable, we prefer users to first perform a search for bug reports and feature requests. If you don’t find anything related, open a new bug or feature request following the template and make sure that you request is atomic (1 bug per topic).

If you are unsure about the behaviour of something or how obsidian works, open a topic in help.

Thanks for pointing that out.
My TestVault1 is indeed a bunge of things together.
It’s my playground, it’s the place were I do things that I normally don’t do to see how Obsidian ‘reacts’. It’s a place to do counterproductive things and see the bad effects it has on bigger vaults with 1K+ (and even bigger).
So I get your point.
I also realise that you will surely have pulled the Notes I made to get the Babylon tower issue between myself and @Klaas which will have created even more confusion.
I will be more concise in the future and if I make a link to a TestVault it will only contain the notes that are needed to understand the point at hand.
Sorry if I have wasted a piece of your time. Not intended to do that.